Portfolio – 3D Printing, LED, Fabrication & Automation

These portfolio pieces may be displayed out of chronological order.

“Cutting Edge 3D Printing Workflow”

3D printing is used in almost every aspect of TBOT’s life – personal and professional. His comfort level with the technology gives him the ability to rapid-prototype solutions to solve historically unsolvable problems. Though he isn’t the strongest CAD designer, his network of 3D & CAD designers is vast, and at the ready.

– He also is notorious for building and modifying his own 3D Printers to improve their overall print quality, speed and reliability.

“3D Scanning is in the toolkit”

3D printing wouldn’t be much without the ability to 3D scan objects and people in the real world. This process allows TBOT to create 3D printed physical objects (or rendered digital assets) based around real world geometry.

Metaphoenix Art Car Build”
Burning Man 2022

Consulted on the LED design and implementation and finalized the low voltage installation in collaboration with our late friend Jordan Zamore – RIP. Las Vegas Review write-up here.

“LED Prop and Costume Design”
for @Area 15 – Las Vegas 2024

In collaboration with his wife, Marion Royer (coloryourmynd), and Area 15 Las Vegas – TBOT is currently designing and implementing “Art-Net” controllable costumes and props for various performing acts in Las Vegas.

This is an ongoing project – more details will be coming soon!

“Celebrity Edge” LED Steps Programming – France 2018

This is one of many projects executed for the Celebrity Cruise line’s “Edge” between 2016 and 2018. This set of steps, used in one of the initial sailing’s show designs was programmed and executed using Art-Net output synced to video driven by Resolume Arena.

Everywhere – (2019-Current)

One personal project of notoriety is TBOT’s RV – a 2015 Holiday Rambler Augusta – 35 foot Class C Motorhome. This RV has been retrofitted with solar, 7000 watt inverter, a completely overhauled battery system, epic sound, as well as a fully connected smart-home system with over 10TB of storage on the go. This RV has been fitted with almost 300 feet of addressable LED pixels inside and out in preparation for his and Marion Royer‘s Burning Man wedding in 2022. It’s presumably the only RV on playa with a working bidet installed and custom outdoor water misting system. It has travelled across the country a few times now – and is waiting for the next event worth bringing it to.

+ various other projects spanning the worlds of
Network Administration, Arduino & Raspberry Pi, Linux & Automation…