Portfolio – Streaming & Broadcast

These portfolio pieces may be displayed out of chronological order.

“Rolling Loud Stream” @ TES Productions, Fort Lauderdale, FL 2020

In collaboration with TES, and long time fellow video wizards @”Frankasaurus Fresh” Hegedus & @John “Bainter the Painter” – TBOT designed and implemented the NDI video system that drove the broadcast, as well as operated the stream switching as V1 – the broadcast at one time had 26 million simultaneous viewers from around the world. Featuring performances by “Swae Lee”, “Ski Mask the Slump God”, “Pouya”, “Smokepurpp” and many more.

“Groove Cruise – Cabin Fever”
Stream Series 2020

During his time as visual director for Groove Cruise; with an active pandemic crushing the festival and cruise industry he loves… TBOT – alongside his long time assistant / associate and fellow VJ @WilliamXMS… The two of them took it upon themselves to design and implement what was at the time one of the most cutting edge in home streaming systems ever made before the days of NDI Bridge. Building custom RTMP servers to receive multiple DJ streams, splitting the audio off to a team of dedicated VJ volunteers around the globe, receive their VJ visuals back… live compositing it and broadcasting it to every major streaming platform simultaneously… Earned their stream a continuous number 2 spot on Twitch as an UNAFFILIATED stream. This was unprecedented at the time, and as a byproduct, TBOT instructed and thrust a large number of DJs into successful Twitch careers. It also raised several thousand dollars for Groove Cruisers in need during the pandemic – with donations coming from artists such as KASKADE. Ran using a hodge podge network of OBS, vMix, Discord, NGINX and VBAN.

“Groove Cruise – Cabin Fever”
Stream Series 2020 – Continued

Here is a brief video example of some of the content broadcast on Twitch over the course of several weeks during the pandemic – which featured live broadcasts and specially recorded sets from a vast number of electronic acts spanning a multitude of electronic genres.

DJ’s name crosses the mind but will follow-up with mentions asap.

“Flymachine” – Lead Stream Engineer 2021

As the pandemic raged on with no end in sight – after his successes with the Rolling Loud and Groove Cruise stream projects; TBOT took on a management roll at “Flymachine” – a now shut down pandemic era streaming service started by the original founder of “Ticket Fly” – (Andrew Dreskin) which utilized custom software written in part by the amazing Peter Sistrom to allow users to view streams together and interact live with the live performing artist. Flymachine at it’s peak had custom built vMix racks in over 30 venues across the USA. Using a combination of Birddog PTZs, NDI solutions, and low latency remote desktop software allowed for local or remote operation of the entire nation-wide network streaming infrastructure and – though the occasional house call was needed; it was rare. TBOT managed, designed and implemented remote work systems that allowed his team of stream engineers to operate full video productions from the comfort and safety of their couch – on a tablet. One project executed during his tenure worth mentioning is Death Cab for Cutie @ Red Rocks 2021.

American Girl Doll / Magnolia Bakery Birthday Bash
New York City, 2021

This pandemic stream executed in collaboration with “The Tangent Agency” and “Pace Video Productions” was broadcast from Magnolia bakery’s office in New York City to celebrate the release of American Girl Doll’s new doll for 2021. This broadcast was featured on “Good Morning America” and featured a full broadcast team working under pandemic restrictions. Stream encoding by vMix and Control using an Akai APC40 Mk2 and Streamdeck XL.