Portfolio – Video Systems & Projection Mapping

These portfolio pieces may be displayed out of chronological order.

LSDREAM‘s Rave Cave 2023″
The Caverns – Pelham, TN

Held at the Caverns outside Pelham, TN – a 2 day event featuring LSDREAM, Zingara & Friends. Projection mapping, programming and visual performance provided by TBOT.

The Temple House
Miami Beach 2016-2018

360 wall & ceiling projection installation – currently still operating. 16x projector mapping, system design, implementation and installation, as well as initial content design by TBOT & Team EVR. This powerhouse of a video system has held private events for a multitude of influential individuals – including Latin pop star “Shakira” for her 2018 Album release of “El Dorado”.

“AREA 420”
AREA15 Las Vegas 2023

Live visual operation on the “Portal Stage”, as well as live NDI camera infrastructure & switching provided by TBOT.

SLS Hotel – South Beach – Hyde Beach”
Miami Music Week 2022

This is the latest of a series of projection mappings executed by TBOT for the SLS Hotel on South Beach via “Trend Group”. This was a set of events in March 2022 that featured artists such as “Kaskade”, “Fat Boy Slim” & “DIPLO”. – Write up here by MetaT3ch

Over the years TBOT has provided projection mapping for the SLS a number of times for various clients… the first such project was executed by “Dawn of Man” (now known as “Optical Animal“) back in 2013… with Max Nova leading the pack – video here

“Rolling Stone Live”
SLS Miami 2020

Back before the pandemic in 2020, TBOT was contracted by “Trend Group” to execute yet another projection mapping for Rolling Stone at the SLS on South Beach. This particular mapping also included the pool-side south facing wall in addition to the main hotel structure itself.

“Vandal Warehouse”
West Palm Beach, FL 2018

This small warehouse venue in West Palm Beach, FL was a breath of fresh air for the local underground house scene. With parties that would extend well past legal hours and a true underground vibe – this 4x projector, 360 system was installed, ran and maintained by TBOT and his Team EVR. The venue no longer exists but it’s legacy lives on in those who participated in the parties there.

Original Promo Video attached.

Transfix –
The world’s largest immersive art experience” – Resorts World
Las Vegas, NV 2023

Projection mapping & live visual mixing – as well as audio reactive shader play provided by TBOT… This was a last minute gig – booked same day.

Transfix unfortunately shut down over financial hurdles and caused a huge fuss in the local community – but still an example of TBOT being able to execute complex projects even in same day rush scenarios.

RiSE Festival
Las Vegas 2023

Art installation by the Metaphoenix Team – projections and content provided by TBOT. Install support by @ Los-Vegas.com.

“Private Events, Birthdays and Parties”

Projection mapping has become a very accessible, powerful tool for event planners, marketing teams and productions. TBOT has – and is happy to facilitate video installations for a vast array of private events or ceremonies.

“Propaganda – Lake Worth & Other local West Palm Beach Venues”

This dive bar in Lake Worth Florida was a frequented place of TBOT over the years until the previous owner @Matt Krug decided to sell and follow suit out to Las Vegas (they still hang out)… But – as one of several local venues TBOT had the pleasure of either designing complete video systems for; or improving already in place infrastructure … This one stands out the most for mention here as it is not only one of his favorite places but it is also where him and his wife (actually) first met. Nothing crazy about any of these setups, but projects like this are what made TBOT who he is today.

Fun fact – TBOT and his wife, Marion ironically were on the same show lineup at one of these venues (Monarchy) back in 2012… a full 10 years before they were formally introduced.

Some other local West Palm / South Florida venues & events TBOT had a hand in over several years living there were:

  • Sunfest
  • Lake Worth Block Parties (Propaganda)
  • Respectable Street Cafe (Respectables)
  • Moonfest
  • Pawn Shop
  • Monarchy/The Loft
  • Vandal Warehouse
  • Spanky’s (as a photographer before he was a VJ)
  • Sakred Nightclub (just south in Boca Raton)
  • Revolution Live (Fort Lauderdale)
  • ………many more long forgotten………