Portfolio – Music Festivals & Nightlife

These portfolio pieces may be displayed out of chronological order.

“LSDREAM’s Dreamrocks”
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Denver, CO 2023

This first show to kick off the “R.A.V.E. – Radical Audio Visual Experience” tour was the first show TBOT got to showcase his newly developed Pro DJ Link timecode show file on a larger scale – specifically developed for “LSDREAM” to the masses. This show file allowed Sami (LSDREAM) to play music not only from the touring set list, but from anything spanning his entire music library without a sweat. This “unshackled” him so to speak and enabled him to be able to jump to whatever track he desired with no communication to front of house.


“UMF – Ultra Music Festival – Miami”
Live Stage 2013-2018

House VJ – Live stage. 2014 Flyer pictured.

“UMF – Ultra Music Festival – China”
Resistance Stage 2018

In his official Chinese debut – TBOT travelled with Ultra Music Festival in 2018 to Shanghai and Beijing to perform as house VJ for the famed “Resistance” stage. This memorable trip featured lighting by world renowned lighting director “Evan Bloom” and although the Beijing leg was cancelled, was still an incredible experience filled with lots of sight seeing and adventures.

Lost Lands
Thornville, OH 2023

Touring video artist accompanying @LSDREAM – providing live content mixing, camera operation and timecode show implementation using Resolume Arena & Pioneer’s Pro DJ Link Bridge. Full recording of the show available HERE.

“EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival”
Las Vegas 2016-2019

Combination touring guest VJ act with “A-Trak” and/or house VJ depending on the year. Also one year on circuit grounds – B2B with “Vello Virkhaus” (VSquared Labs & Xcite Labs)

“EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival”
Orlando 2013, 2014, 2016

House VJ performing on “Neon Garden” or “Circuit Grounds” stages. 2013 “Neon Garden” Pictured.

“Groove Cruise”
Visual Director 2015-2022

As visual director and video lead for Groove Cruise over almost 8 years… TBOT helped the brand grow out of it’s infancy and survive the pandemic against all odds. Leading a top notch team of VJs to tropical destinations, out at sea where there is no “Best Buy” – VJs are forced to plan ahead and really are hardened to be prepared for almost anything while on a gig. Over the years this twice yearly event took over TBOT’s entire life. He BECAME Groove Cruise – until eventually he had to jump ship for various personal reasons.

Towards the last few years onboard, TBOT led a team of VJs handling every stage on the ship, as well as private parties… and even a 24 hour TV channel of visuals played to music in each guest’s cabin – “GC TV”.

TBOT was most certainly an instrumental part of making “Groove Cruise” culture what it is today. Pictured is GC 2019 Pool Deck Stage – one of countless rigs his team facilitated at sea. Honorable mention to all the production companies over the years onboard – most notably “Audio East AE”… and RIP “Nate Shaw” – our amazing production manager whom we lost during the pandemic.

“Burning Man”
2013, 2018, 2019, 2021, 2022

After his first visit to “Burning Man” in 2013 – TBOT didn’t return for 5 years. The dust finally got to him; and after 5 years he returned to participate as a camp video department lead for 4 different high level Esplinade camps over the years. His video art has been displayed on some of the largest and brightest installations on the playa and he is currently affiliated with “Sonic Soul Tribe” camp out of Texas. Pictured is his first visit with “Digital Apex”, which back in 2013 managed to achieve the largest projection on playa at the time… Only to be outmatched by “Playa Alchemist” years later. Honorable mention to Camp Q!

Video Content Manager & Visual Director

Back in 2018 – TBOT was brought on by “RedLight Management” to organize, catalog – and come up with a proper tagging and organization system to categorize Loren’s (Bassnectar’s) vast collection of visuals & track edits spanning his entire career. A daunting task… In addition – TBOT was instrumental in directing and delivering various timecode visual edits that were played over these 2 years including most notably his collab with YOOKiE – “Open Your Mind” – Video here.

“A-Trak” Touring VJ

As A-Trak’s first touring VJ – TBOT had the pleasure of performing at a large number of the United States’ medium to large capacity venues, as well as most major festivals at the time… including various Insomniac branded events… as well as various South American and Caribbean tour stops.

“AREA 420”
AREA15 Las Vegas 2023

Live visual operation for the “Portal Stage”, as well as live NDI camera infrastructure & switching provided by TBOT.

“Navigate to Groove Cruise – Las Vegas”
The Sahara 2022

Full Sahara pool takeover – live video operation, camera implementation and design by TBOT.

“Groove Island”
Catalina Island 2019

The one off spin-off of “Groove Cruise” – held on “Catalina Island” was an experiment for Groove Cruise in destination parties. Never held since, it was an interesting experience for all involved.

Moonrise Festival
Baltimore, MD 2018

House VJ & Video Lead – live video performance and camera operation provided by TBOT… Guest appearances by various members of Team EVR – final video edit by @Bainterthepainter

“Don’t Trip Campout”
Visual Director 2021-2022

This small-cap Utah festival held at Eagle Point Resort at over 11,000 feet was a 2 year project put on by “Brett Rubin” a Las Vegas local DJ and producer who has been influential in the Vegas nightlife scene & his associate “Eric ‘DangerHouse'”. Featuring projection mapped stages, mountain peaks and aspen trees… This two time event captivated the people who attended, and stands out as … just a really good time with good friends. Huge shoutout to the killer VJ teammates – “Patrick Beery” & Alec “Birdman”.

“Spring Awakening”
Chicago, IL 2014, 2017, 2018

Performing as house VJ or touring guest VJ with A-Trak depending on the year.

“Tomorrow World”
Atlanta, GA 2014

Frame stage touring guest VJ with A-Trak

“UMF – Ultra Music Festival – Miami”
Radio Stage 2012

Guest VJ act for “RiotGear” and “Sydney Blu” – back when VJs were on stage. Pictured is Sydney Blu and TBOT.

“Rolling Loud”

Guest VJ act performing with “Fat Nick”.

“Indy 500 – Snake Pit”
Speedway, Indiana 2019

With the sound of Indy cars flying around the track and with a 6am show start time, these Indy fans were RAGING long before the sun came up – with performances by: “Skrillex”, “Alesso”, “Illenium”, “Chris Lake” and “Ricky Retro”.

Production by “CSP – Chris Schroeder Productions”.

“Indy 500 – Carb Day with Foreigner”
Speedway, Indiana 2019

This event put on by “Miller Lite” and produced by “CSP – Chris Schroeder Productions” featured multiple acts, most notably… “FOREIGNER” – who only wanted their logo prominently displayed.

“Terrace Afterhours”
Las Vegas, NV 2020-2024

This venue – housed on the rooftop of the “Hustler Club” on the west side of the Las Vegas Strip was a staple afterhours venue in Las Vegas for many years. TBOT assisted this venue on multiple occasions with roles ranging from LED tech, to filling in for the house VJ Jason on occasion… The former proprietor, “Brett Rubin” has been an influential part of Vegas nightlife for many years – and though Terrace closed at the beginning of 2024, it’s memory lives on!

“EZoo – Electric Zoo”
New York City 2014

Touring guest VJ for “A-Trak”

Art of the Wild
Encore Beach Club @ The Wynn
Las Vegas, NV 2022

Fill in tour manager for Blond:ish