“Your friendly neighborhood vidiot”

From the vibrant heart of South Florida’s electronic music scene to the global stage, Las Vegas based Talbot “TBOT” Simons – has been redefining visual experiences in the electronic music and video domain since his early teens (2006). As a trailblazing Visual Jockey (VJ), TBOT has illuminated stages for well over 300 world-renowned acts and events, creating immersive visual landscapes for artists ranging from A-Trak to Zedd, and Flux Pavilion to Zeds Dead, not to mention his dynamic collaborations with LSDREAM.

20 years building an industry…

TBOT’s creative genius has not only captivated audiences but has also been a pivotal element of numerous prestigious music festivals and events over the years, including:

● LSDREAM’s 2023 R.A.V.E Tour – Visual Director / Video Lead – Including 36 cities and projection
mapping the Caverns in Tennessee for the R.A.V.E. Cave
● Ultra Music Festival, Miami: Enthralling Live Stage House Artist working with V Squared Labs (2012-2018).
● Ultra China (Shanghai, Beijing) – Resistance Stage House VJ (2018)
● Electric Zoo, NYC: Crafting unforgettable experiences during Roseland Ballroom after-parties as
the House Artist (2012).
● EDC, Orlando & Las Vegas: Illuminating the stage as House Artist with V Squared Labs and joining
A-Trak on tour (2013-2014).
● Spring Awakening, Chicago & Tomorrowworld, Atlanta: Amplifying the A-Trak Tour with his visual
artistry (2014).
● Groove Cruise: Steering the visual narrative as Visual Director for Whet Travel (EVR) (2015-2023).
● Festival Presidente, Dominican Republic: Defining visuals for the Duck Sauce Tour (2014).
● Winter Music Conference, Miami: Shaping the visual backdrop of the music scene (2011-2015).
● III Points, Miami: Leading a collective of seven artists to visual acclaim (EVR) (2016).
● Technical Designer – The Temple House, Miami Beach (2016-2017)
● Various Burning Man Projects and Installations including Video Lead for Sonic Soul Tribe
● Moonrise House VJ – (2015-2018)
● Indy 500 – Snake Pit Stage – House VJ (2019)
● Numerous corporate events
● …and many more…

With an enduring presence in South Florida’s nightclub scene, TBOT’s residencies became the stuff of legend, most notably at the iconic, now-closed “Amnesia” – and the still operating private projection mapped venue “The Temple House” on South Beach (pictured). Today, he continues to serve as a revered video artist and creative director for various top production companies worldwide, captivating audiences with both local and private performances when not touring.

Recognized as a prodigious talent from a young age, TBOT was a distinguished speaker on the official Winter Music Conference (WMC) VJ panel from 2013 to 2016, marking him as its youngest ever speaking member.

TBOT has also garnered attention in the digital realm, being featured in YourEDM’s “Unsung Artists” series, various influential blog posts, and as a distinguished speaker on the Tweak Music Podcast. Aside from his mesmerizing live performances, TBOT is also known for his generous contributions to the VJ community. Through countless forum posts and responsive community engagement, he has selflessly aided numerous fellow VJs, helping them solve complex problems and refine their skills. Admired for his technical acumen, TBOT is considered to be a highly proficient VJ in the scene, boasting a vast skill set that extends far beyond his primary expertise, making him a versatile and invaluable asset on any project.

TBOT has recently earned notable recognition from Juicebar, the official Resolume store, featured in their monthly newsletter for his innovative wire patches. These patches have not only set a new standard in visual performance art but have also become indispensable tools in the toolkits of VJs and venues worldwide. His contributions continue to influence and inspire the visual art community, cementing his status as a pioneer in the VJ world.

During the 2020 pandemic’s height, TBOT emerged as a beacon of innovation and adaptability in live streaming. He was the architect behind the video network and backend for Rolling Loud’s streams, which captivated over 26 million viewers worldwide, showcasing his expertise in live broadcast technology. Separately – from the confines of his living room, TBOT hosted the second most popular non-affiliated stream on Twitch (pictured), ingeniously live compositing DJ streams with VJs from across the globe, and developing the server infrastructure for Groove Cruise’s “Cabin Fever” streaming series. These ventures not only demonstrated his technical prowess but also led to his significant role at Flymachine. As the lead stream technician, TBOT was instrumental in facilitating remote streaming and designing systems for a network of 30 venues across the country, cementing his status as a forefront figure in digital streaming.

TBOT is most recently celebrated for his role as the visionary Visual Director behind LSDREAM’s R.A.V.E. Tour.

Beyond the stage, TBOT is the proud founder of “”, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge video content and bespoke interactive video installations for public, private, and corporate events… he is also a proud husband to his wife, Marion and a step father to his beautiful daughter, Eva…

In every endeavor, TBOT’s attention to detail and eagerness to learn and improve continues to push the boundaries of visual storytelling, creating spellbinding experiences that resonate beyond the realm of electronic music.

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