Welcome to TBOT’s Intensity Generator v1.1 – Release Date 4-1-23

A powerful, all in one Resolume Wire patch for strobes and shakes intended for those high intensity VJ moments!

Compiled for Resolume Arena 7.14.2 and higher! *Prior Resolume versions will only show an opacity slider*

This patch splits whatever you place it on into 2 layers which can be controlled and blended separately with separate parameters to create super dialed strobes and shakes.

See my other plugins – available on JUICEBAR! Just search “TBOT” !!

YouTube tutorials for my plugins on my channel:

Happy strobe & shaking!

Thanks to all of my Beta Testers!
-Frank Hegedus
-Bainter the Painter
-Birdman Vid
-William XMS
-Joe Barilla
-Kelly Fin
-Mike Flex
-Cade Klawiter
-Nico Raftis
-One Human Mind
-Patrick Beery
-Erik Strand
-Tyson Sells
-VJI Jake Robertson-Riley
-Matt White
-Carlos Salazar


BETA 1 – First Pre-Release

v1.0 – First Juicebar Release
-Moved “READ ME” section to the bottom to better accomodate lower resolution monitors

v1.1 – Removed “Strobe Frequency” and “Strobe Depth” parameters and replaced with “Strobe Opacity” and “Strobe Playback” which enables BPM sync and envelopes! Strobe will not fire until strobe playback is set to Timeline or BPM!

-Default Zoom for top and bottom set to 1.1 to compensate for any default shake exposing the edge of the frame.

-Default blend mode between top and bottom set to “Alpha”

-Exposed Colorize Contrast and Invert Parameters

Hi, I’m mr_tbot

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