“I’ve spent 20 years building the visual industry from the ground up…”

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Talbot “TBOT” Simons – Visual Industry Leader and Technical Artist

Currently based in Las Vegas, Talbot “TBOT” Simons has been an influential force in the visual arts sector of the music industry since 2006. As the innovative Visual Director for LSDREAM’s “R.A.V.E – Radical Audio Visual Experience” Tour and a standout contributor at major festivals like “Ultra Music Festival” and “Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC)”, TBOT’s tailored visual selections have captivated audiences worldwide. His expertise also extends well into the corporate realm, where he has held key positions producing high-profile projects for several elite clients, ensuring that his creative impact resonates well outside the music scene.

Beyond his professional achievements, TBOT is committed to advancing his field, generously sharing his knowledge through engaging in countless community forum posts, sitting prominent panels, and leading creative innovations with fellow VJs, thus influencing and nurturing the next generation of artists.

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Headlining VJ & Technical Artist

“I have almost 20 years of experience performing for large audiences worldwide in the most technically demanding environments known to man! (or robot)…”

Creative Project Manager

“As a long time team leader and founder of ‘VisualNex.us‘ – with knowledge spanning well outside my general wheelhouse, I am well equipped to see the most demanding projects through from beginning to end.”

Visual FX Programmer

“With an expansive network in both the production and programming communities, I have the tools to take complex, unexplored creative and technical ideas from your brain to reality!”

TBOT Wire Patches & Support

Questions about my patches or feedback on my feedback? Want to report a bug?

“FEEDBACK MACHINE” for Resolume Arena

  • As featured on the “Juicebar” newsletter and “LSDREAM’s R.A.V.E Tour.”
  • The most wildly intricate feedback patch for Resolume Arena – over 120 parameters!
  • Take any ole’ piece of stock content and turn it into something magical…
  • Fun to play with live!
  • Great for live camera effects!
  • Compatible with Resolume Arena versions 7.14.2+
  • Presets available on my PATREON!

“INTENSITY GENERATOR” for Resolume Arena

  • Strobe, shake, and rage with this epic wire patch…
  • Includes all of the usual strobe styles in one convenient patch + a lot of additional special sauce…
  • Great time saver when programming!
  • Compatible with Resolume Arena versions 7.14.2+

“BETTER EDGE” for Resolume Arena

  • As the name describes – a “Better” edge detect effect…
  • Control 2 distinct edges, with multiple parameters!
  • A choice BPM driven effect…
  • Great for live cameras!
  • Compatible with Resolume Arena versions 7.14.2+

“MASTER MOD” for Resolume Arena

  • The all in one modifier effect to bring Brightness/Contrast, Levels, Threshold, Add/Subtract, Chroma Key, Auto Mask, Colorize, Mirror, & Drop Shadow into one easy drag and drop effect.
  • Save yourself a lot of time by setting single drag presets for your most common looks!
  • Compatible with Resolume Arena versions 7.14.2+

Looking for previous versions of my patches? This feature is COMING SOON!

Press, Technical / Hospitality Rider